Toki Langa Fonua was a great God of 'Eua island Tonga, who appeared with the shark God called Tui Fai Ana ( King of the Fai cave ).

It is said that Toki Langa Fonua swam to Samoa from 'Eua island with the great shark Tui Fai Ana by his side for protection.

Tui Fai Ana was no ordinary shark but a species unto himself. His stump tail was a distinguishing feature, as was the variability of his colour. He was said to be girded about with a shoal of fish called in Tongan hofoli.

His home was the cave called Fai ana on the north west cost of ‘Eua island in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Approach to his cave was impossible to anyone wearing the sweet smelling leaf girdle, or having there head whitened with lime. It is said that anyone that had physical or moral defect were also not able to approach the cave.

No noise was to be made near his home and anyone unfit for proximity to the god who tried to approach the home of Tui Fai ana, would fall from the narrow rock path, along which one has to walk to get to the cave. The fate of such a person that fell was apparently no more than getting wet from falling into the ocean, as the swim back to shore is short.

It is said that a great wave would arise in front of the cave mouth and prevent the approach to the cave of those who were not permitted to enter.

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