An Eua warrior named Tu'utaki deceived the relatives of the woman who lived with him by covering a large rock called Koloutakape with kape (Giant taro) leaves, and then put a mark on something close by, so that he would know the edge himself.

He then went jumping aimlessly about as if there was no danger. The woman's relations observing him doing so, came and jumped also, only to fall head long down the steep and be killed.

Then he and the woman went with there coconut shell for a drink; but the woman poured out the water until little of it remained, which she gave to Tu'utaki, who was lying face upwards, to drink. As he sat up and put his head back to drink the small quantity of water, he was pushed over the edge of the high cliffs by the woman, whom he latched onto, so they both fell and the drinking shell with them.The shell was shattered and wherever a piece of shell fell water sprang up, which water is now called Veifefe stream.

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