In the island of 'Eua there was a great warrior named Tu'utaki, whose fame as a Tongan, Eua warrior spread to the island's of Fiji.

A army of Fiji warriors were sailing to 'Eua island to ambush and take Tu'utaki by surprise.

Before there arrival on 'Eua island there was trouble between Tu'utaki and his wife's relations because his wife had been treacherous and allowed them to attack him.

Tu'utaki's wife was extremely angry over the killing of her relatives and decided to put a end to it and Tu'utaki herself.

Their home was a cave high in the cliff face which today bears the name Tu'utaki. One day when Tu'utaki was sitting close to the high cliffs, he told his wife to get him a large coconut shell of water to drink. She poured half the water out of it before bringing it to him so when he drank from it he would have to tilt his head far back.

As Tu'utaki drank from the coconut shell she shoved him over the cliff but as he lost his balance he latched onto her and she fell together with him to there death.

When they fell to there death below from the very high cliffs,Tu'utaki landed in a way, directly on top of a tree which impaled his body in a upright position which now he looks like that he was standing in a upright position and looked as if he was still alive.

The Fiji warriors who have landed 'Eua to seek and kill Tu'utaki found him in this upright position appearing very fierce and scary, so they were struck with terror and they lost heart and turned back to sea and sailed back to Fiji.

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