General Information on 'Eua island

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'Eua Time


Emergency Numbers

All Emergency Assistance

  • Phone: 911

'Eua Island Police

  • Phone:(00676) 50112

'Eua Island Fire Dept

  • Phone:(00676)50313

'Eua Island Hospital

  • Phone:(00676)50111

Banks and Currency of 'Eua island

The currency of 'Eua and Tonga is the Tongan pa'anga (TOP), divided into 100 seniti. Coins 5 seniti, 10 seniti, 20 seniti, 50 seniti. 1 Seniti is available but being phased out. Notes 1 Pa'anga, 2 Pa'anga, 5 Pa'anga, 10 Pa'anga, 20 Pa'anga, 50 Pa'anga, 100 Pa'anga.

Westpac Bank of Tonga

  • Full service - accounts/loans/foreign currency/international
  • 'Ohonua 'Eua
  • Phone: 00676 50145
  • Fax: 00676 50025
  • Website :
  • MasterCard and Visa facilities
  • Swift code BTONTONU

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm

Western Union

  • Foreign currency/Telegraphic Transfers via Western Union
  • 'Ohonua 'Eua
  • Phone: 00676 50600
  • Fax: 00676 50820
  • Website :

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4pm
  • Saturday 8:30am to 1pm

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'Eua Island Whats New
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There are two ways to get to 'Eua from the main Island of Tonga, by areoplane or by ferry.

Trekking / Hiking in 'Eua island
Trekking and hiking through 'Eua island is said to be the best in the South Pacific. Infomation on the Treks and where to get gudies.

'Eua Island whale watching from land and sea.
Eua Island is a great place for your holiday. Whale watching from ,land and sea is purely spectacular.

'Eua island Tonga Accommodation
Accommodation on 'Eua island Tonga, Some of the best trekking and whale watching in the south pacific

Horse trekking 'Eua island
Horse trekking 'Eua island is a great way to get around the island to hire a horse, just ask at your host to provide you with a horse.

The 'Eua Rainforest
Eua island rainforest is amazing. As 'Eua is the oldest of the 170 islands in the Kingdom of Tonga and one of the oldest islands in the south Pacific.

'Eua Island Beaches
'Eua has some beautiful beaches with a differents. Golden sands slip into the reef front which makes for amazing snorkeling in huge rock pools, which make you feel as though you are in a human size aq

Tongan Culture 
Tongan culture is a good thing to learn a little about to inhance your stay in the Kingdom of Tonga.

History of 'Eua island
History of 'Eua island, Abel Tasman was the first European to sight 'Eua in january 1643 and he gave it the name Middleburgh. 

Stories and legends of 'Eua Island Tonga
The Stories and legends of 'Eua Island 

Scuba diving in 'eua
The diving in 'Eua is said to be one of the best scuba dive spots of the world. Drop-offs, sea mountains, caves etc.

Rock climbing 'Eua Island
The rock climbing in ‘Eua is just starting to be explored and the potential is great. 

Pictures and video of 'Eua Island Tonga
Pictures and video of 'Eua Island Tonga, Here are a few pictures of the Beautiful 'Eua iIand

More travel resources 
Guide and resourses for travelers.

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