Rock Climbing 'Eua Island

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The rock climbing in 'Eua is just starting to be explored and the potential is great. The east coast is 17km north to south and rises steeply from the ocean, much of which is limestone cliffs. Currently there are no established routes on the island, but there is one climber on the island that is beginning to survey the rock, explore potential, and create routes.

"The possibilities are amazing, and it's torture to be living on 'Eua and the only climber in the country. Fifty through ninety meter overhanging limestone of pretty good quality, and potential for 300 routes, and those are only the cliffs that I've been to so far. There's a few other good looking cliffs that I haven’t trekked out to yet. All I need is a partner"

Being that there is nothing established, anyone looking at coming here to climb should plan on spending most of there time bush bashing, cleaning, and exploring unclimbed limestone from the tops of the cliffs. There is no guide or gear here to use, so any climbers coming here should be very experienced and willing to the work that goes along with climbing in a new area.

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Rock climbing Eua island

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