Horse Trekking 'Eua Island Tonga

Horse trekking 'Eua island is a great way to get around the island, just ask at your host to provide you with a horse.

Horse trekking on 'Eua island can be done by yourself if you are a confident horse rider or with a guide for the less experienced rider.

girl on a horse

Horse riding at 'Ufilei beach

One of the most popular treks takes you from Tufavai village down through the town of 'Ohonua to 'Ufilei beach, where the snorkelling is fantastic. Or you could try a trek through the bush, the villages, the beaches or where ever your imagination takes you. Kids are more than welcome to try a bit a horse trekking on 'Eua island and they all seem to love it as you will see in this next photo.

kids on a horse

Two of the geusts from The Hideaway enjoying their horse trek

Horse trekking 'Eua island style has got to be one of the best ways to explore the island and of course has a low impact on the island. 

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