'Eua National Park
( Lokupo Beach Trek)

'Eua National Park trek is a little bit harder walk for some. The walk is just as beautiful and spectacular as the other trek in 'Eua but this one is for a walker that wants a bit more of a challenge.

The road to the drop off can sometimes be not accessible by four wheel drive so you just start at another drop off point but when the road is fine, no problems.

We then visit one of two lookout points, Lokupo Lookout, which over looks the 'Eua National Park from here you can watch the pacific birds soaring over the canopy below and if your lucky, looking out over the Tongan Trench you might be lucky and spot a Humpback relaxing in the sparkling blue ocean. Absolutely Fantastic!!! What a way to begin the walk down to Lokupo Beach below.

Then take another track to Rats Cave (Ana Kuma) this is a pretty cool cave, it is basically a cave high in the cliff face. Climb down a narrow tunnel like cave (Rat Hole). You can half stand up in this and at the end, there is another much larger cave where you can drop in and now you are in the cave in the cliff face, looking down below at the canopy that you still have to trek through, Exciting!

We find the start of the track down to Lokupo Beach and through the 'Eua National Park and down we go. The track is visibly rough. They are not walked by many people so this gives you the feeling of a real exploration trek.

Once at the Lokupo beach find a nice rock pool and have a swim to cool off, have some lunch and relax if you like. Once we have re-energized we find Viefefe Track a little way along the beach a mushroom rock marks the start of the track back. We start by climbing a short rock climb to the foot track above. We go through the rainforest until we get to the last ascend to the top of the cliffs another rock climb to finish off.

Pick up is there to bring you guys home

The 'Eua island guides are a great way to see 'Eua island. All of the guides are fully trained and have the local knowledge that will make your trekking on the island second to none.

Trekking Fangatave beach includes Caves, Trekking, Climb and Snorkel

'Eua Forest Plantation and National Park Walk

'Eua islands southern rock garden snorkel and walk The South part of 'Eua is possibly the most beautiful part of the island due to a combination of natural rock shape statues

The 'Eua island 4wd vehicle tour is not your usual drive around in a car tour. The type of people that choose 'Eua island are not sit in the car, drive around tour, type of people.

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