'Eua islands southern rock garden snorkel and walk

The South part of 'Eua is possibly the most beautiful part of the island due to a combination of natural rock shape statues in a spread out form and some rocks larger than others. The best way to describe it is a natural formation of Stone Henge.

This rock garden is located on top of 200 meter cliffs so this creates a very wild look to the landscape, changing from forest high on the Hill / Cliff top down to the next tear down the rock gardens on the short grassy plains with the wild horses roaming in between the rock formations, then to the cliff edge and the next teer down is the ocean with very dramatic cliff faces.

When standin on the rock garden cliffs, birds nesting in the cliff faces start to become curious of who is there standing on top of our cliff top so they start to glide away from the cliff face to check us out. These birds are usually Brown Booby, Frigate Birds, White Terns and the white tailed tropic bird.

This part of the island is also a common spot to hear and see the 'Eua Red Shinning Parrot.The wild horses that roam in this area are owned by a local but the are just left in this area for grazing so they become semi wild.

Travelers in the past have described this rock garden area to being similar to Scotland or Ireland.After the rock garden we head towards the Natural Archway, the Liangohuo a Maui, this is a massive land bridge that has been created by a sinkhole into the see. You can view it from a six person maximum lookout directly in front of the Archway. There is also a very nice trek to the archway platform. Through virgin forest with lots of cycad trees. ( prehistorica ferns). These trees are older than your common forest fern tree.

Now it is time for the walk to Ha'aluma beach for a cool off swim to finish the day.

When you leave the Rock Garden through a gate and onto a tar sealed road walking past local peoples vegetable and fruit plantations.

This part of the walk is really interesting because, as you walk through the local peoples plantations you see what the locals are growing for there sustainable food diet, local foods are made up fruit and several root crops like, Pele (Tongan spinach), Taro (root crop), Tapioca(root crop), sweet potatoes, coconuts, banana's, paw paw mmmmmmmmmmmYum!!!

This walk to Ha'aluma beach is about 1 and a half hours. Whe you get to the left hand turn down to Ha'aluma beach, this 4wd road turns into a beautiful dense tropical forest with a beautiful sea breeze blowing through the forest from the beach aaahhhhhhhh.

When you reach the beach find a rock pool and and have a snorkel, the good thing about snorkeling in rock pools is that the colour fish don't go anywhere, they live in the pool, so when you just jump in the pool the fish will scatter back into the walls of the pool, then just float there for a while and then the fish will start to nosey out again, pretty cool.

The type of rock pool fish that you see are small bright blue fish, lion fish (spectacular), small eels and even sea snakes.

After your swim you sit on the beach and dry off and keep your eye out again on the ocean for Humpback whales and dolphins, it is common to see them from this beach, nicccccccccce.

Your pick up picks you up at about 5pm.

This is a very good walk with a trek/swim combination.

The 'Eua island guides are a great way to see 'Eua island. All of the guides are fully trained and have the local knowledge that will make your trekking on the island second to none.

Trekking Fangatave beach includes Caves, Trekking, Climb and Snorkel

'Eua National Park ( Lokupo Beach Trek), The walk is just as beautiful and spectacular as the others but this one is for a walker that wants a bit more of a challenge

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The 'Eua island 4wd vehicle tour is not your usual drive around in a car tour. The type of people that choose 'Eua island are not sit in the car, drive around tour, type of people.

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