'Eua 4/WD Island Trek / Snorkeling Tour

This vehicle tour is not your usual drive around in a car tour. The type of people that choose 'Eua island are not sit in the car, drive around tour, type of people. The 4WD island/ trekking tour is quite an active tour.

There is a few short treks in it, walks to the big Ovava tree, the two national park lookouts and rat's cave (if the road is good), the Natural Archway, cliff top walks, snorkeling, Handicrafts and meeting local women making thier traditional Tapa cloth and then to a handicraft shop.

There is alot to see and do. This tour has no time limit, the tour duration is up to you because it's too hard to put a time frame on such an active tour with trekking, snorkeling etc... As you drive through the villages you can hear the timber banging, the sound of Tapa cloth making. You can stop and have an insight on what Tapa cloth is and how it is made, as well as meeting the locals. You can even ask them to make you one and pick it up in a couple of days, if you would like, or you could buy something from at the local handcraft shop.

The smoking cave

The drive up to anokula palace site lookout is a bumpy one, you pass the village named Homa, to the north of the island, this village is the most isolated village out of them all (there are 14 villages).

Once you have passed through the village of Homa, you go through the Queen of Tonga's pine forest plantation (royal estate). There is a local coffee plantation growing under the pine tree forest. There is also , sandle wood, lemon trees and local wild hot chillies – hot hot hot!

If you like Guava's this is the spot to stop and pick some fresh off the plant and have a bite or two.

After your snack we drive to Anokula palace lookout, it is distinctively mark by a dark red soil area which has been eroded by wind and rain over the years. The view from here is great, fantastic and spectacular. Looking out over the great Tonga Trench, sometimes you can see whales from here as well.

Sea / forest birds soar all around this lookout also flying foxes (fruit bats).

Cliffs near the rock gardens

Now it's off to the south eastern tip of 'Eua island the rock gardens. The High cliffs here are amazing and a great place to see whales and turtles. The Tongan name for the rock gardens is "Lakufanga" which means throw the fa fruit. Look at are myths and legends page for the full story.

After the rock gardens and the cliffs we go to the natural archway Liangahuo a Maui, again more on this on the myths and legends page.

Time for a swim and a snorkel at Ha'aluma beach. This beach is beautiful, the two access roads to this beach are 4wd (four wheel drive) roads, hard to get to. This type of road is a great addition to the beach as it makes it secluded.

The 'Eua island guides are a great way to see 'Eua island. All of the guides are fully trained and have the local knowledge that will make your trekking on the island second to none.

'Eua Forest Plantation and National Park Walk

Trekking Fangatave beach includes Caves, Trekking, Climb and Snorkel

Eua National Park ( Lokupo Beach Trek), The walk is just as beautiful and spectacular as the others but this one is for a walker that wants a bit more of a challenge.

'Eua islands southern rock garden snorkel and walk The South part of 'Eua is possibly the most beautiful part of the island due to a combination of natural rock shape statues

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